Time & experience

has helped us craft a bag of tricks that’d make Houdini jealous.

For our next trick, we’ll help make your worries and concerns disappear.

When you’ve honed your skills by providing IT support protecting America’s critical infrastructure, supporting national defense and the Nation’s intel communities as long as we have, you end up with more than a few tricks up your sleeve. And we’re not talking smoke and mirror kind of illusions, but substantial, consequential, and entirely actionable real-world expertise.


Everyone is posting "If I had to start over in tech" posts the past few days.

Almost all the tech vets have cloud as one of the technologies they said they would focus on.

I couldn't agree more!

So if you want to start...here's 20 cloud vids (AWS/Azure/CCSP) to help you!!!🧵

I'm psyched!!!

This is my first #AWS CTF I have ever done! I did the hardest room on @PenTestingCloud (a new FREE CTF site) and we covered IAM/S3/EC2/Web enumeration, bypassing IMSDv2 controls, and a bit of scripting.

Check it out and reshare🙏


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