Time & experience

has helped us craft a bag of tricks that’d make Houdini jealous.

For our next trick, we’ll help make your worries and concerns disappear.

When you’ve honed your skills by providing IT support protecting America’s critical infrastructure, supporting national defense and the Nation’s intel communities as long as we have, you end up with more than a few tricks up your sleeve. And we’re not talking smoke and mirror kind of illusions, but substantial, consequential, and entirely actionable real-world expertise.


Wrapping up a 6 month video/training project this week. It's kept me from YouTube the past few weeks. Next week I'll do a couple Net+/Sec+ lab live streams on routing and start on my @Hak5 tool (Key Croc) review.

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New IT/Cyber folks hear me out for a minute. I've seen some posts from some friends that hit on some thoughts on knowledge, application, and growing and establishing your career and I wanted to share some thoughts...

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Been a minute since I checked the mail. Thank you @JBizzle703 for the fantastic set of stickers. Can’t wait to put them to use!

I appreciate all the support from folks watching my youtube channel & showing up to the live streams🙏 In about two months, we've almost doubled the subscribers🔥 I feel like I should do something to celebrate 2K subs🤔

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J.B.C. has built and stakes its reputation on providing comprehensive IT architecture, cybersecurity, system lifecycle management, consulting, and operations for companies and organizations with complex and demanding IT infrastructures.

Partnering primarily with Fortune 500 companies and the federal government for mission critical systems, we provide expertise, peace of mind, proactive solutions and critical thinking to ensure your mission objectives are securely met and unforeseen vulnerabilities are anticipated and mitigated.

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