Time & experience

has helped us craft a bag of tricks that’d make Houdini jealous.

For our next trick, we’ll help make your worries and concerns disappear.

When you’ve honed your skills by providing IT support protecting America’s critical infrastructure, supporting national defense and the Nation’s intel communities as long as we have, you end up with more than a few tricks up your sleeve. And we’re not talking smoke and mirror kind of illusions, but substantial, consequential, and entirely actionable real-world expertise.


I'm very happy with this video. I broke down this troubleshooting methodology and then went through a real world scenario of how an incident would overlay with these steps. Please share with folks looking to understand how to work through IT issues.


If you missed the network engineer job breakdown stream, no worries, I got you! Had over 50 folks show up for parts of it by the end, which is pretty awesome🙏

Got to answer a lot of good question about Cisco/Juniper certs and network engineer vs admin.


If you missed my breakdown of passing all 6 Juniper associate certs no worries! Answered some questions I have been getting a lot of: Cisco vs. Juniper, CCNA and JNCIA-Junos, and study resources.

Also celebrated w/ Macallan 15 (@B_REInvest🥃 )


In celebration of the one year anniversary of co-authoring my first book (a Network+ study guide), I'm going to give away 2 copies. Winner picked on Friday🔥

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(Physical copies, US only) https://t.co/HmJIBzuune

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J.B.C. has built and stakes its reputation on providing comprehensive IT architecture, cybersecurity, system lifecycle management, consulting, and operations for companies and organizations with complex and demanding IT infrastructures.

Partnering primarily with Fortune 500 companies and the federal government for mission critical systems, we provide expertise, peace of mind, proactive solutions and critical thinking to ensure your mission objectives are securely met and unforeseen vulnerabilities are anticipated and mitigated.

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