We provide the kind of security you can’t find in a piece of hardware:

peace of mind.

Those who’d threaten the security of your network never rest. We should know, we’re the ones who keep them up at night. Night after night.

While others’ approach to protecting your network can be more akin to whack-a-mole, reacting to each threat as it appears, we prefer a more proactive, preventative approach from the beginning.

One that anticipates vulnerabilities before they arise, crafting solutions that not only frustrates the intruders, but turns the tables on them—turning each apparent opening into a pitfall for the bad guys.

Areas Of Expertise

IT Architecture
System Lifecycle Management

Through its services, J.B.C. sets itself apart from other providers by coupling our services with our unique approach to IT Innovation, IT Transformation and IT Analytics.

IT Innovation

IT Innovation blends a deep understanding of disruptive forces with industry experience to generate new ideas and products, new business models, and new relationships that can help transform your organization, ideally positioning it to address your most pressing challenges—now and well into the future.

IT Transformation

IT Transformation spans IT strategy, innovation, capability-building, operating model, organization and service delivery design and effectiveness, technology strategy and implementation, strategic change management, as well as enterprise cyber risk—all singularly focused to help you achieve and sustain maximum IT value and peace of mind.

IT Analytics

IT Analytics helps you find ways to turn everyday IT based information into actionable insights by embedding analytics across your organization’s IT strategy, operations, and systems, and by syncing analytics into core organizational areas.

It’s reassuring to know our comprehensive services and real-world solutions are there for you.

Yet, it’s in the trenches where you’ll appreciate them most.

The strength of our team comes from the sum of its parts—and the confluence of our multiple areas of expertise and the diversity of our approach has resulted in some formidable service offerings:

SecOps Modernization

We use analytics, automation and intrinsic knowledge gained from experience supporting commercial/DoD/IC customers to identify, defend, and defeat threats in real time, with customized delivery approaches.

Continuous Network Monitoring
and Mitigation

We’ve helped safeguard +60% percent of federal IT networks in support of the prime contractor for the Department of Homeland Security’s Einstein 3 Accelerated program. Let us help your agency develop and manage security solutions that don’t only prevent security breaches but save you time, money, and sleepless nights.

Cyber/IT Engineering
and Architecture

J.B.C. utilizes best-in-class engineering solutions that heighten investments by reducing operational complexity. Our services include automated compliance and vulnerability assessments, management/data plane optimization, event log collection and correlation, and network segmentation.

Cyber/IT Strategy
and Assessment

We deliver risk-based analysis and action-oriented proposals through proven services like security control assessments, infrastructure gap analysis, and vulnerability and penetration testing. This is coupled with developing cyber-program roadmaps focused on your specific business needs and is integrated within your organization with the explicit objective of increasing security’s impact on mission success.