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📺 Need help visualizing how networks are broken down into subnets? This graph and video show the components of IPv6, how it compares to IPv4, and why subnetting isn't really that confusing when it comes to IPv6. Check it out!
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Preparing for the JNCIA-SEC Certification test❔ Check out this practice test walkthrough video and share your questions!

Things new network folks can do to get familiar on Cisco (or Juniper) devices:

📜Create accounts/permissions
🔢Create VLANs
🇨🇭Create switchports
🩳Create trunk ports
💢Create layer 3 interfaces
➡️Create static routes
🚨Configuring logging
🔎Learn show commands for all the above

💡Did you get to see the review and tips for the Juniper JNCIA-JUNOS exam? Come by the CyberInsight Youtube channel and check it out!

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Trying a different type of #giveaway

Nominate a friend to win my Network+ course. The winner gets the course ($2600), book for the course, and voucher for the Network+ ($319).

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Is your IT New Year's resolution to learn subnetting? Don't worry, I got you! Infographics & video walkthroughs to help you visualize it👍





If you're looking for seasoned breakdowns of Cyber and IT topics, come check out my YouTube channel,

Hey @ccieby30, @blar51 , @capital_sb, clips of our chats ended up in this video🔥

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Network+ New Years Giveaway🥂

I'm giving away access to my Network+ course I developed for @StandardUserLLC Institute. The winner gets the course ($2600), book for the course, and voucher for the Network+ ($319).

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My Cyber Christmas present to you all. I'll give away a few of @humble bundles that are @WileyGlobal books on cybersecurity and cryptography🎄

I'm giving 2 bundles on 11/24 (50+ RT's = 3, 100+ RT's = 4 bundles)🎅

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How about another Christmas giveaway. In celebration of completing my #JNCIAx5, I'm going to give away a @JuniperCertify exam voucher (valued $200-400) for ANY Juniper written exam.

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