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Everyone is posting "If I had to start over in tech" posts the past few days.

Almost all the tech vets have cloud as one of the technologies they said they would focus on.

I couldn't agree more!

So if you want to's 20 cloud vids (AWS/Azure/CCSP) to help you!!!🧵

I'm psyched!!!

This is my first #AWS CTF I have ever done! I did the hardest room on @PenTestingCloud (a new FREE CTF site) and we covered IAM/S3/EC2/Web enumeration, bypassing IMSDv2 controls, and a bit of scripting.

Check it out and reshare🙏

One of the foundational skills to succeeding is tech in learning Linux. So, I want to do a @humble giveaway for two of their 20 book Linux Bundles🔥 Winners announced on Saturday!

To Enter:
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A couple weeks ago, found out I was going to be an #AWSCommunityBuilder, today found out I'm going to be a #CiscoChampion🔥 @CiscoChampion

Drop in tomorrow at 6PM ET, I'm going to do my second video lab walkthrough on @RealTryHackMe Windows Local Persistence, this time talking about creating and modifying applications and services!

How to setup your first #AWS account in under 10 mins🔥

Come check out the full video:


I did some crazy AWS hacking focused on EC2 and containers (EC2) at Black Hat and got some amazing sushi🔥

Full video recap of the whole week focusing on IAM/EC2/ECS/Lambda/S3/DymanoDB/etc is on my channel,

Check out my latest video, a whole week at BlackHat 2022 recap. 4 day AWS Pentesting Course and lots of delicious food (Morimoto's, Nobu, Gordon Ramsay, etc...) #AWSCommunityBuilders @ki_twyce_

When I was starting to learn about #AWS networking, understanding the different interface options was a bit confusing. Public vs. private, IPv4 vs IPv6, etc...

I made this #infographic to help summarize your options. #AWSCommunityBuilders

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