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Thanks for the #Hak5 Shark Jack @JBizzle703 & the rad stickers~!

Excited to try it out this weekend after finishing a couple final projects up for the semester! 🦈💻✨

Here is the second part of the Juniper JNCDA practice exam walkthroughs. Solid cert for your network engineering tool kit. Watch it now! 📺
#infosec #technology #cybersecurity

@JBizzle703 @JBC_SEC @engineering_bae @gabsmashh @udemy udemy is having a massive sale on courses right now. I picked up net+, pentest+, Linux+, cysa+ & casp for less than $70.

Working in Information Technology with a focus in network engineering? Check out the first part of 2 #Juniper JNCDA practice exam walkthroughs. 📺
#infosec #technology #cybersecurity

It's not Friday the 13th, but IPv6 is known for giving nightmares! 😈 Luckily, JB goes over how to "exorcise your IPv6 demons" on this video. Watch it now!

#infosec #Subnetting​ #IPv6​ #Networking

In celebration of hitting 8K subs 🙏, I'm going to give away a $100 @Hak5 gift card. I'll announce the winner on Weds. stream at 6PM ET

I'm doing another @RealTryHackMe room with @ki_twyce_ of @TechSecChix

To Win:
Follow me
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📺 CISCO CCNA LAB 2 | In this second part of the labs, we cover Port Security - another study topic for the Cisco CCNA certification. Click the link and check it out!
#ccna #infosec #cisco

📺CISCO CCNA LAB 1 | In this video we show you some practical hands-on experience that will help study the topics covered in the Cisco CCNA certification. Click the link and check it out!

#ccna #infosec #cisco

Small tips that go a long way!
#databackup #infosec #cybersecurity

Check out my latest @RealTryHackMe Pentest+ lab walkthrough. We covered enumerating/exploiting NFS, SMTP, and MySQL. Covered a bit of NMAP, Metasploit, John the Ripper, Hydra, ect...

Did the real @dotMudge drop be the judge🤷‍♂️

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