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It's that time of year! @udemy is doing it's Black Friday Sale.

I suck at finishing their courses...don't be like me😂

Instead of more courses I don't use...I'll buy a course for 5 folks (anything up to $50). Drop a comment below on what you want and RT this. I'll pick on Weds.

Is today the day you decide to start learning Linux? Is there something holding you back from starting? Check out my latest video that might alleviate some of your Linux fears😱

I always have a hard time remembering all the different parts of DNSSEC. So here's my humble attempt of putting it all many acronyms🫠

Getting back to Cisco BGP lab walkthroughs. Don't be scared... check it out this Weds at 6 PM ET. We're walking through confederations & path control (don't know what that worries🤝). Diagram and before/after configs included! #ciscochampion

If you're interested in cybersecurity and packet analysis, check out my latest @RealTryHackMe lab livestream. We walked through how to look at network traffic to find signs of NMAP scanning and ARP poisoning using @WiresharkNews!

Ever find an interesting packet in @WiresharkNews and you wanted to know how to block the traffic via ACL or firewall? Drop in this Weds. at noon EST and I will show you how Wireshark can automate firewall rule creation!

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We're going to run it back and do some more @RealTryHackMe Wireshark Analysis labs this Weds. at noon EST. We're covering the basics of how to identify hosts with Kerberos, DHCP, Netbios, detect tunneling of traffic in DNS/ICMP, and some FTP fun.

Drop in tomorrow at noon EST when check out @RealTryHackMe's latest room and do a deep dive into using Wireshark to detect NMAP scanning and ARP Poisoning🔎

Everyone is posting "If I had to start over in tech" posts the past few days.

Almost all the tech vets have cloud as one of the technologies they said they would focus on.

I couldn't agree more!

So if you want to's 20 cloud vids (AWS/Azure/CCSP) to help you!!!🧵

I'm psyched!!!

This is my first #AWS CTF I have ever done! I did the hardest room on @PenTestingCloud (a new FREE CTF site) and we covered IAM/S3/EC2/Web enumeration, bypassing IMSDv2 controls, and a bit of scripting.

Check it out and reshare🙏

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