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Wrapping up a 6 month video/training project this week. It's kept me from YouTube the past few weeks. Next week I'll do a couple Net+/Sec+ lab live streams on routing and start on my @Hak5 tool (Key Croc) review.

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New IT/Cyber folks hear me out for a minute. I've seen some posts from some friends that hit on some thoughts on knowledge, application, and growing and establishing your career and I wanted to share some thoughts...

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Been a minute since I checked the mail. Thank you @JBizzle703 for the fantastic set of stickers. Can’t wait to put them to use!

I appreciate all the support from folks watching my youtube channel & showing up to the live streams🙏 In about two months, we've almost doubled the subscribers🔥 I feel like I should do something to celebrate 2K subs🤔

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I wanted to put together and share a bunch of my infographics. These cover a wide range of IT topics from subnetting, IPV6, binary, troubleshooting methodologies, DNS, OSI models, and cyber topics. We'll start with my latest one which is a way to remember color coding for cables.

If you missed the Network+ stream yesterday, no worries! I talked about TCP/UDP and using Wireshark for analyzing packets (shared a cool and helpful cheat sheet). We also saw exactly why you shouldn't use unencrypted protocols for important data🔥

We hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend❗ Have you been watching the COMPTIA Network+ Labs on the J.B.C. YouTube Channel? If not, now is a good time to check them out in the link below. 👇

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I'll be doing another Network+ (and Security+) lab today at 6PM ET. We're going to do an intro to packet sniffers with Wireshark and look at some of the difference between TCP and UDP traffic🔎

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Do you want a sneak peek of the practice exam for the Juniper Networks JNCIA-Junos Associate Exam before going in? Watch this livestream going over all 55 questions. It's a Friday well-spent.
Check it out! 📺

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🎂J.B.C. turns 2 years this month and we just released a few more sticker/apparel designs to celebrate!
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