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Want to learn a little about how to setup alerting when stuff breaks in the @awscloud? Check out my latest video🤝

Check out my latest #infographic. You know I love networking and since I've been getting into @awscloud studying recently, I wanted to try to break down some of the core networking components. If this is helpful drop a comment below🤝

Get your questions ready for tomorrow's live stream (6PM ET). We're talking about the pros/cons of all the certs I've had (and certs in general), @LearningatCisco @JuniperCertify @ISC2 @MicrosoftLearn @awscloud @AXELOS_GBP @CompTIA

If you're just learning about the @awscloud, my latest video covers two of the coolest aspects of the cloud...
e l a s t i c i t y and scaLABiliTY. If you're prepping for the SAA or SAO...then you need to know this🤝

Since folks liked that cert history tweet, we're going to do a bit deeper dive into my advice on the certs I've passed in my career (networking, cyber, cloud) on Wed's livestream (6PM ET). Subscribe so you don't miss out..and bring your questions🗒️

Awesome infographic on #SPF and #DKIM! 😍

#DMARC also allows for a) reporting messages which fail SPF/DKIM back to the domain owner, and b) ensuring the "From" field of the message envelope matches that in the header (which is the one that SPF&DKIM verify...)

John Breth (JB) | CyberInsight® on YouTube on Twitter

“I needed some help remembering some of the key parts of email security (SPF, DKIM, and DMARC), so I made this infographic. This might help @_ja...

Looking for a beginner level CTF? Check out this walkthrough of
@RealTryHackMe's RootMe CTF. It covers some topics like nmap, GoBuster, privilege escalation, SUID, find, reverse web shells, and gtfobins.

Drop in, we're doing @RealTryHackMe's latest room (just released today)...Intro to Malware Analysis!

We'll be chatting about static/dynamic analysis, Virus Total, and using a Remnux VM. Great info for those wanting to work in a SOC.

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