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Next week I'm going to do a livestream with a mashup of using Splunk to analyze AWS events. Two very in-demand skills!

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A ☁️ environment with no 🔐 is ☠️

Checkout my latest video where we look at how to implement the basics of cloud security...

Doing a new @tryhackme livestream this Weds (6 PM ET). We're going to be covering a lot cloud security configurations (user permissions, service policies, network ACL's, data at rest encryption, logging, and patching).

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Looking to get into tech or upgrade your skills...this is one of the best free resources out there👇

Wanted to post earlier but #Twitter is acting up again....
Anyway, after almost NINE MONTHS, #InfoSecUnplugged is back tomorrow!
This week, we focus on re-evaluating your "why"!
We got a LOT of catching up to do!

See you Thursday

My new Azure lab walkthrough just dropped...if you're looking for some hands-on practice, come check out this Azure VPN lab🤝

Learning about Azure and looking for a way to get some hands on experience? I'm dropping another lab walkthrough tomorrow. Subscribe below so you don't miss out!

Dropping a thread with some more #Azure networking knowledge below🤯

Today's thread is about Azure VPN Gateways, and how you can create a secure, encrypted connection between your on-premises network and Azure virtual networks.

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New Azure infographic🔥 Need some help understanding Azure networking and VNets?

Check out this video I recently did, doing a full breakdown👇

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If you've been following my Azure Networking Basics series, we've talked about VNets, and today I'm dropping a new lab walkthrough on how to connect them together with Azure VNet Peering! Come study with me🤝

#Azure #Cloudlabs #cloudnetworking

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