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Hey #Cyber Friends, make sure to follow this thread as I highlight @mcohmi as part of the #ShareTheMicInCyber campaign. I am proud to give this talented #cybersecurity practitioner the spotlight. #BlackNatSec #BlackTechTwitter

Tomorrow is the 2nd round of #ShareTheMicInCyber! We're looking forward to supporting the campaign honoring Black practitioners in cyber.

Follow #ShareTheMicInCyber & all the participants to learn about the talented practitioners involved🔥

Just dropped a new @JuniperCertify practice test breakdown. I'm studying the JNCIA-Cloud cert which covers cloud principles, SDN, VNF, and other cloud virtualization tech. Going for my #JNCIAx5

I left a @SiliconHBO easter egg in the first couple mins😂

I have a lot of stuff going on this weekend.

FRIDAY: #ShareTheMicInCyber with @JBizzle703. SATURDAY: Azure talk in @RedTeamVillage_ at @Grayhat_Con
SUNDAY: Live show at the Ohio Valley Filk Festival.

I'm gonna slow down at some point, I promise.

You ever wanted to sit down and design a network subnet plan with me? Well, your wish has come true🔥

In my latest @Comptia Network+ practical lab I walk you through the scenario of designing a multi service/subnet environment. Great for CCNA/JNCIA too!

Don't forget, Round 2 of #ShareTheMicInCyber this Friday!

Make sure you're following @mcohmi, especially if you're into offensive security, pen testing/red teaming, and cloud security🔥

Want some help with practicing subnetting for your Net+, Sec+, CCNA, JCNIA, etc?🤔

Check out my new @Comptia Network+ lab video that has some simple ways to figure out the hosts/subnets in larger networks or determine which subnet a host is in🔥

Awesome Cloud @humble Bundle out, so time for another @JBC_SEC giveaway🔥

It has study guides for AWS, Google, CCSP, Cloud+, Azure and more. I'll pick 2 winners on Fri.(50+ RT's = I'll give 3)🥳

To win:
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