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🔑#tbt to the STRAIGHT CACHED sticker from the first generation of J.B.C.'s stickers. Comment with a picture if you have it or RT if you want it on your laptop!

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📺Check out this video guide on how to integrate a new firewall (Juniper SRX 240H2) into your home lab with kids. Leave us a comment to create more hands-on tutorials like this one!

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💻Happy #SysAdminDay! Thank you for helping reset countless passwords, clean up phishing messes, and everything else you do to keep us safe at our workstations. You're the real MVP. 🏆

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Are you network engineer trying to get a good understanding of solid network design & architecture practices? The @JuniperCertify JNCDA is excellent (principles are vendor agnostic). Here's my first practice test walk through. My fav Juniper exam so far!

Love to see the @JBC_SEC stickers/merch in the wild. What a great way to start the Weeknd!

📚From your library of resources at the J.B.C. blog, we discuss the five basic network security principles to improve the protection of any IT environment. Check it out! 👇

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With classes starting a month or so away, this video might be the push you need to get into a rewarding and in-demand career while saving 💰 and time. 📺 Watch it now for some firsthand advice!

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#tbt to the first generation of J.B.C. stickers displayed on the back of folks' laptops. More fun designs coming soon! 🕶️

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Is there much interest for a blog post on how to setup a company to be able to bid on government contracts? I get the question from time to time and have the resources to share on the process I had to go through, but I've never put it in a blog post.

Got some new sticker designs on the way🔥

If you like DMX and network might like this😂

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Setting Up Your Company For Government Contracting

Setting Up Your Company For Government Contracting

I wanted to share some information with folks because I get asked a lot about how I set up my company to be able to bid on US government contracts. So I figured it was worth spending the time to put down some thoughts and links on how to go about it (based on my own...