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Come drop in today's livestream at 6PM ET...we're talking about how I passed the #AWS SAA (my second AWS associate cert in the past month), the benefits of the knowledge covered, and the resources that were the most helpful.

Just passed my second #AWS Associate cert in the past 3 weeks!
Wanted to get it in before the holiday. Now I can really focus on the advanced networking cert. I’ll do a review next week.

If you’re interested in AWS labs👇

If you want a free copy of @davidbombal's Python Network Programming for Network Engineers course, go check out my latest video and link in the description! Thanks to David and all the folks who helped me hit 10K subs!

Just learning about #AWS reliability and backups? This blog by @setheliot is extremely helpful at looking how AWS Backup provides a centralized view where you can
configure, schedule, and monitor backups for EC2 instances, EBS volumes, RDS instances and more! #partnership

Guess what?!?! @AWSArchitecture wanted me back to partner again to share more knowledge for those just learning about #AWS and cloud technology.

This time, we're talking observability. Cue up the CloudWatch #infographic!

Like/RT this thread🙏 #partnership

We’re still raising money to help sponsor 20 minority cyber professionals to be able to attend hacker summer camp. let’s help remove the financial barriers to entry for cyber. funds help pay for flights, defcon ticket, and hotel for hacker homecoming.

3/ As you use the #AWS Well-Architected Tool, you answer 58 questions about your workload. I see 3 benefits here:

✅ Visibility into how you measure against AWS best practices
✅ Knowledge on cloud/technology architecture best practices
✅ Actionable steps to align w/ them

2/ The #AWS Well-Architected Tool is FREE and will help you identify areas of improvement in your workloads (i.e. the applications/instances/configurations that support your company).

The awesome thing is, it can be used for AWS, hybrid, AND on-prem environments! ☁️🌐🏢

1/ Architecture principles can be overwhelming, not well defined, and not easily implemented, especially when we've just gotten to, "I know how to spin up an EC2 instance, now what?"

The #AWS 6 Pillars are important, but for new folks, there's a free tool to help check our work!

If you're implementing solutions in #AWS, this talk should help demystify the reasons behind multi-region solutions.

💪Architecture Flexibility
👩‍⚖️Laws/Regulation (Looking at you GDPR👀)

Like/RT and join this Spaces chat on June 14th! 🙏 #partnership

AWS Architecture on Twitter

“Join AWS on 6/14 at 12PM PDT for a Twitter Spaces chat on multi-region architectures. We'll discuss whether or not multi-region is right for yo...

4/ So, if you've started to learn about #AWSWebServices and want some FREE guidance/tools on the best way to implement AWS solutions, go check out the @AWSArchitecture page!

Link to learn more:

Go sign up for a free account, tell 'em JB sent you🤝

Reference Architecture Examples and Best Practices

Learn how to architect more efficiently and effectively on AWS with our expert guidance and best practices.

I'm super pumped to announce I'm partnering w/ @AWSArchitecture to help drop knowledge about Architecture Best Practices for those just learning about #AWS and cloud technology.

You know me, best way to kick this off is an #infographic. Like/RT this thread🙏 #partnership

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