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Check out my latest video where we went through the @RealTryHackMe Burp Suite introductory room. If you're interested in getting a little taste of web application pentesting, this is a great starting point.

I'm back from my summer YouTube break! We're finally going to knock out the @tryhackme Burp Suite room. Join me for a live stream tomorrow at 7 PM ET

I made these infographics over the past week. One depicts the OSI model through the perspective of watching Netflix and the other is the process your computer goes through at Starbucks when you watch YouTube.

Great for folks just starting to learn(or brush up on) these things👍

If you're looking for a starting point for understanding how to work through solving IT problems, check out this process flow diagram I created🔥

For a more in-depth breakdown, check out this videos I did walking through the steps.

It's been a year since my @JuniperCertify Certification Challenge where I went after all 6 Juniper Associate Certs. In celebration of that, I want to give away a free Juniper exam voucher (up to $300).

To win:
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Looking forward to tomorrow's Tech Talk with @JBizzle703 from CyberInsight

Make sure you join us LIVE at 11am PST & have your questions ready!
#KeepItTechie #TechTalk #Lab

Hit the Reminder:

Network Engineer Job Posting Review | Another job related walk-through video to help those looking for opportunities in networking engineering - Watch it now! 📺

#infosec #careers #engineering

NETWORK+ Troubleshooting Process | The problems might be different, but the methodology can be applied to most areas of IT and cybersecurity. Check out our quick guide below 👇.

#infosec #cybersecurity #tiptuesday

UNDERSTANDING CYBERSECURITY ANALYST JOBS! Sometimes job posts can be overwhelming and confusing, so in this video, we review a few posts and give you our best advice on ways to better position yourself for the IT job you are searching for.

Thanks for the #Hak5 Shark Jack @JBizzle703 & the rad stickers~!

Excited to try it out this weekend after finishing a couple final projects up for the semester! 🦈💻✨

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