A company that’s mission statement was born from actual missions.

There’s real-world experience, and then there’s the “if this were to fail, people’s lives, livelihoods, and security would be put at risk” kind of experience.

Our’s is the latter. To the point that we can tell you that we’ve helped secure Air Force One’s IT Infrastructure, built and managed various DoD collaboration networks, and regularly architect carrier-grade cyber solutions for the federal government, but beyond that, you’ll have to trust us—just as Uncle Sam has.

Suffice it to say, you’re in good hands.


J.B.C. Founder and Managing Principal, John Breth, has been up to his elbows in IT and cybersecurity for more than 15 years, contributing his considerable expertise and cyber skills to bolster the IT backbones of the Nation’s national defense, intel communities, and critical infrastructure.

He’s been responsible for everything from IT operations for Air Force One, designing and implementing transcontinental networks in support of active anti-terrorism programs, and architecting cybersecurity services protecting more than 60% of the federal government from nation state cyber-attacks via advanced persistent threats (APT’s).

His technical skill set is coupled with business and problem solving acumen gained from working with top tier consulting companies and Fortune 500 service providers. Likewise, the team John has surrounded himself with shares similar DNA and an identical mindset: technology focused through an analytical lens.

Each individual, an overachiever, instilled with an eagerness to tackle the industry’s most vexing challenges.

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