“CyberInsight” seems like a name that perfectly encompasses the type of blog we at J.B.C. aim to provide. But what’s in a name? J.B.C. is not a company that focuses on providing solely cybersecurity services. Our background really started in Information Technology with engineering, operations, and architecture. However, throughout that growth and experience, we’ve always maintained that cybersecurity is not a completely disparate arena, but instead a practice that must be intertwined together with IT from a people, process, and technology standpoint within each organization. The essence of this is continuously remembering to keep “Cyber In Sight” with whatever project we were working on. Over time, skills developed and lessons were learned from success and failures, leading to attaining a solid grasp of cybersecurity and being able to provide “Cyber Insight” to our clients. With the combination of these two ideas, it leads us to a perfect blog title for J.B.C., CyberInsight®.

CyberInsight® will allow us a way to share information that pertains to IT operations, IT engineering, and cybersecurity. This is information that has been useful to us in our various engagements and would likely be valuable to other practitioners. Topics will include different types of configuration best practices, various toolset configurations, architecture and design ideas, as well as just generally useful IT and cybersecurity information. As our tagline says, “A company that’s mission statement was born from actual missions”, we look forward to providing tangible and useful information gained from those experiences for those who are interested in keeping “CyberInsight”!