In today’s blog, I’m sharing a lab walkthrough video I did covering AWS CloudFormation and Infrastructure as Code( IaC). In the video we cover at how to use CloudFormation to automate the deployment of AWS networking elements (VPC’s, Subnets, Route Tables, Associations, EC2 Instances, etc). Follow along as we do an AWS networking recap, review applicable AWS CloudFormation learning resources, and discuss AWS CLI requirements and installation. At this point we’re ready to really focus on CloudFormation, and we then cover CloudFormation Parameters, Functions, Mappings, and Outputs, and then do multiple labs demos including setting up a single VPC, and then a VPC, Subnet, and Route Table. Lastly we wrap it up with looking at some more advanced CloudFormation template examples.

This is a great lab walkthrough for both the SysOps Admin Associate (AWS SOA) or Solutions Architect Associate (AWS SAA) certifications. Follow the video below and if you have any questions, drop them in the comments section under the video.

Network Knowledge Wrap Up

A great resource on learning AWS networking, is the AWS Networking Fundamentals book (Affiliate Code)

I’ve also recently started using the AWS Security Cookbook (Affiliate Code) and AWS Advanced Networking book (Affiliate Code). Both breakdown topics very well and have some great labs!

MyGitHub repo with the CloudFormation YAML files used in the video.

How to setup the AWS CLI.

Great blog on Intro to CloudFormation.

Some example CloudFormation templates.

The AWS CloudFormation User Guide.