In today’s blog post I’m sharing a video and infographic I did a few weeks back where I compared two of the most popular junior level networking certs, the Juniper JNCIA-Junos and the Cisco CCNA. Did you know that on average jobs requiring the JNCIA-Junos pay more than jobs requiring the CCNA? How about that Juniper provides free training and a 75% off voucher for the exam. In the video we covered the learning objectives for both, training resources, and the different situations where it makes more sense to go with one over the other!

The above video goes in-depth into the topics described above, but for just a very high level breakdown of the differences between the CCNA and JNCIA-Junos, I made this handy infographic!

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In my personal journey, I started with the CCNA back in 2006! It was the first widely respected cert that I achieved and definetly helped pave the way for both my career in networking and becoming an architect, as well as going after more high-level Cisco certs (CCNP and CCIE R/S written exams). With Juniper, I didn’t really start to work with them until halfway into my career, but I now have a strong affinity for them. If you remember two years ago I did a Juniper Certification Challenge, where I ended up doing all 6 Juniper Associate Certs. The JNCIA-Junos is by far their most popular one, and there are a lot of similarities in the level of skills you need to attain both.

If you choose to go with either exam, I have some content that can help you out: JNCIA-Junos practice test reviews, JNCIA-Junos exam review, and CCNA lab walkthroughs!

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