This is the first video in a lab series about learning and implementing Azure Networking. In the below video, we’re going to take a hands-on approach to learning about Azure Virtual Networks (VNets). We’ll be setting up a lab environment where we create new VNets and configure subnets. In doing that we’ll do a deeper dive into the following topics:

  • Free AZ-700 Designing and Implementing Azure Networking Solutions Course
  • What Are Azure VNets?
  • Azure Network Design Considerations
  • Azure Subscriptions, Regions, and Availability Zones
  • Azure VNet Lab Walkthrough
  • How To Create Azure Resource Group
  • How To Create An Azure Virtual Network
  • How to Create Azure Subnets
  • Verification and Applying Configuration

In subsequent videos, we’ll take a look at different ways to connect VNets together, including VNet peering and VPN gateways. As well as explore Azure’s built-in network security features, such as network security groups and Azure Firewall, all can be found here. Throughout these videos, we’ll be working with real-world examples that you can follow along with in your own lab environment.

The labs we’re using are directly from the free Microsoft AZ-700 Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions course. You can follow along with it here.

To follow along with the labs, you’ll need a basic knowledge of networking concepts and a free Azure account.