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I have a lot of solid practice lab walkthroughs videos coming up over the next few months. CCNA lab videos,
@JuniperCertify JNCIA-Junos labs, and a new series, Cisco vs. Juniper...where cover how to configure the same services on both vendors. @JBC_SEC

If you're into hacking & pen test tools, check out my new video on the @Hak5 Key Croc🐊

We do an overview, unboxing, testing, review of loot, and talk about how to protect against tools like this.

Thanks again @hak5darren for the hookup on the Key Croc!

So far 3 awesome TCP Handshakes Chats w/ @InfoSecMBz @capital_sb @blar51 🙏

One coming out next week w/ @Djax_Alpha 🔥

More coming soon with @ccieby30 @marcusjcarey @showipintbri @mcohmi @DAEnergizer4 @_jayprimo

Come be part of the conversation👇

In my latest TCP Handshakes Chat w/ @blar51, we had an awesome talk about why more folks should be sales engineers, holding doors open for others to succeed (@MrJeffMan & @jack_daniel), conferences & Twitter, and how poetry strengthens yourself & others.

Having @Djax_Alpha on one of the next episodes of TCP Handshakes. Drop your questions below👇

Also will be dropping another episode with @blar51 next week!

If you missed my latest with @capital_sb check it out:

#talentedcyberprofessionals @JBC_SEC

Check out my latest TCP Handshakes chat with @capital_sb 🔥

We talked about all her current projects, getting into government contracting, maximizing employer benefits, her path into IT, and some food and family stuff.

Pushing to prod my first episode of Talent Cyber Professionals (TCP) Handshakes. @InfoSecMBz and I discus compliance & assessments for cloud systems and benefits of Twitter and conferences for new folks in cyber. The parrot drops by @ 07:15😂


I'm really excited for the upcoming CyberInsight TCP Handshakes chat series. I get chat with a whole bunch of IT and Cyber folks who will share a a lot of great insight and stories🔥

Filming starts next week. Subscribe so you don't miss out!


Last chance to ask some questions on cloud security and compliance for my TCP Handshakes chat with
@InfoSecMBz . Drop your #cloud or #infosec questions down below.

Make sure to subscribe to the channel so you don't miss our chat👇


Hey #Cyber Friends, make sure to follow this thread as I highlight @mcohmi as part of the #ShareTheMicInCyber campaign. I am proud to give this talented #cybersecurity practitioner the spotlight. #BlackNatSec #BlackTechTwitter

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