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I'm very happy with this video. I broke down this troubleshooting methodology and then went through a real world scenario of how an incident would overlay with these steps. Please share with folks looking to understand how to work through IT issues.

If you missed the network engineer job breakdown stream, no worries, I got you! Had over 50 folks show up for parts of it by the end, which is pretty awesome🙏

Got to answer a lot of good question about Cisco/Juniper certs and network engineer vs admin.

If you missed my breakdown of passing all 6 Juniper associate certs no worries! Answered some questions I have been getting a lot of: Cisco vs. Juniper, CCNA and JNCIA-Junos, and study resources.

Also celebrated w/ Macallan 15 (@B_REInvest🥃 )

In celebration of the one year anniversary of co-authoring my first book (a Network+ study guide), I'm going to give away 2 copies. Winner picked on Friday🔥

To win:
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(Physical copies, US only)

Come join me this Weds at 6PM when I break down an IT Service Desk position job description. We'll chat about what the company is really looking for and how you can better position yourself for junior level IT jobs.

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It's #DataPrivacyDay and a reminder that you have tools to protect your personal information online and help those close to you do the same! How? Watch this video and share❕ 🛡️

📺 Need help visualizing how networks are broken down into subnets? This graph and video show the components of IPv6, how it compares to IPv4, and why subnetting isn't really that confusing when it comes to IPv6. Check it out!
#infosec #cybersecurity

Preparing for the JNCIA-SEC Certification test❔ Check out this practice test walkthrough video and share your questions!

Things new network folks can do to get familiar on Cisco (or Juniper) devices:

📜Create accounts/permissions
🔢Create VLANs
🇨🇭Create switchports
🩳Create trunk ports
💢Create layer 3 interfaces
➡️Create static routes
🚨Configuring logging
🔎Learn show commands for all the above

💡Did you get to see the review and tips for the Juniper JNCIA-JUNOS exam? Come by the CyberInsight Youtube channel and check it out!

#infosec #studymaterial #JNCIA

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