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Looking to study up on something new over the weekend?

Check out this lab walkthrough on @Windows SysInternals tools like Sigcheck, Stream, TCPView, ProcMon, ProcDump, Process Explorer, and more...

#blueteam #cybersecurity

I'm studying for my @ISC2 CCSP and wanted a way to help with remembering all the standards. So I figured why not make a cloud security standards #infographic that might be useful for other folks🤝

I tried to get all the important stuff.

Can't wait for season 4 of Ozark on @Netflix! In the mean time, this might be a perfect opportunity to share an #infographic to explain how different layers of the OSI model works from a real (Netflix) world perspective.

#networking #comptia #CCNA

If you're looking for some ideas of things you should be monitoring in your network, here's some pointers to help out!

This Wed's livestream at 6 PM ET will cover @RealTryHackMe's Sysmon room. We're going to look at how to configure/use it to hunt for malware, persistence, and known tools that attackers use (like metasploit and mimikatz).

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My latest video covers 5 cyber tools new folks should learn about. Thanks to @_jayprimo for the initial idea that led to this video. Do you agree with the tools I recommended (or would pick something different)?

I'm live, doing the @RealTryHackMe Day18 AOC room, looking at a malicious docker image from the Grinch. Great room to learn about containers, docker, GitHub, and sprinkle on a little AWS.

Bonus that @_JohnHammond is back for this room🔥

I'm live going through @RealTryHackMe Day 17 of the Advent of Cyber. We're going to be digging through some open AWS S3 buckets and trying to recover some secret passwords. Great way to get some hands on AWS CLI action if you're interested in cloud!

I really enjoyed @HuskyHacksMK's @RealTryHackMe walkthrough for Windows privilege escalation. He mentioned a mnemonic device to remember different types of Windows privilege escalation (LEADUP). I thought it would be worth turning into an infographic.

Rest day for the @RealTryHackMe Advent of Cyber, if you need to catch up on any rooms...great time to do that (I have 14 walkthroughs)!

Hands on learning about XSS, web exploitation, Burp Suite, LFI, NoSQL injection, powershell, pcap, nmap...and more!

I'm live, come drop in as I work through the @RealTryHackMe Advent of Cyber Day 11, where we're dealing with an intro to searching for data in MSSQL servers!

I'm live, doing today's @RealTryHackMe Advent of Cyber room. We're covering another tool that's more in my wheelhouse, NMAP and how to use it discover what devices and services are on your network. Even better...@PhillipWylie is doing today's room💪

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