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This Friday at 6 PM ET, I'm doing a livestream walk through of one of @andrewbrown's ExamPro AWS CCP practice tests. I'm loving his course and will be giving away 13 free vouchers for it🔥

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If you missed the livestream lab walkthrough yesterday covering very useful Linux search and redirect commands (grep, |, sed, awk, cut, find, etc...), I got you!

I made this infographic for folks just getting into Cisco. Being able to find info using show commands is super important, and so having a few tricks to be able to do it efficiently will go a long way🤝

Since folks liked the networking commands infographic, I made another one covering some basic DNS commands to use on Linux🤝

Come drop in with @ki_twyce_ and I this Weds at 6PM ET when we walk through the @RealTryHackMe Google Dorking Room.

We're covering search engine architecture, SEO, and how to no be basic with your searches...⬇️

@TechSecChix @JBC_SEC

If you missed the @tryhackme @splunk 101 live stream worries...I got you🤝

We talked about SIEM tools in general, how to navigate through Splunk, ways to ingest data, querying data, dashboards, alerts, Sigma rules, and a bit more...

Want to learn about one of the mostly widely used cybersecurity tools (especially for those working in SOCs as cyber analysts)?

Drop in tomorrow night at 6PM ET, when we're covering the @RealTryHackMe Splunk 101 room🔥

Just hit 5K subs on CyberInsight🥂

In celebration of all the awesome support, I'm giving away a $100 @Hak5 gift card🔥

To win: RT and comment below what your fav. video is from the channel (extra credit if you put the URL). Winner announced on Sunday🤝

As I was preparing for the Pentest+ exam, I wanted to do a practice test walkthrough to help others that are on the same path. This practice test is from @JasonDion (I got his permission to use it and link to his practices tests are in the description.).

Want to learn how to scan your devices and operating systems for vulnerabilities? Check out this @RealTryHackMe walkthrough on using @TenableSecurity's Nessus scanner!

#infosec #LabEveryday

If you are new or looking for some additional career and technical resources, I put out some entertaining and useful stuff...

Checkout my YouTube/Twitch channel CyberInsight

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