Over the past year, there’s been a lot of different opportunities out there for free training and free or discounted exams for folks wanting to do different IT certifications.  So I wanted to share something that’s a little bit more network-centric (and throw down a little bit of a certification challenge). We had briefly hit on this in a previous post, but I wanted to give more context (and a friendly reminder).

In the above video, we talk about the Juniper Networks certifications, their free training (through Junos Genius) & labs (Juniper vLabs), and their discounted exam vouchers (75% off) that they all offer for you. It’s really a great opportunity for folks who are just getting into networking to have the opportunity to go after some certifications on some technology that’s really relevant in the industry.

There are 5 different Juniper associate certifications that cover different areas.

  • JNCIA-Junos – Juniper Routing and Switching
  • JNCIA-Sec – Juniper Security Devices
  • JNCIA-Cloud – Juniper Cloud, Software Defined Networks, and Virtualization
  • JNCDA – Architecture and Design (This is somewhat agnostic and my favorite of the group)
  • JNCIA-DevOps – Juniper Automation

These certifications are equivalent to the skill level of the Cisco CCNA. So, if you are just getting into networking, it might be best to establish an understanding of topics covered in the Network+ first before jumping into these.

So far I’ve completed four of the five certs since May (JNCIA-Junos, JNCIA-Sec, JNCIA-Cloud, and JNCDA). I’m currently working on my JNCIA-DevOps to reach the JNCIAx5! Throughout my journey, I have done practice test walkthrough and review videos for each of these certs. I’ve gotten great feedback from a lot of folks about how helpful these have been in them passing their certs. Check out my playlist of study videos here.

Watch the above video and checkout the resources below to join the Juniper Certification Challenge.

Network Knowledge Wrap Up

The below resources from Juniper will give you all you need to succeed in your Juniper associate certification studies!

Juniper Certification Paths: https://learningportal.juniper.net/ju…

Juniper Genius (Free Training and Discounted Exam Certifications Vouchers) https://cloud.contentraven.com/junosg…

Juniper Virtual Labs (FREE and AWESOME!!!) https://jlabs.juniper.net/vlabs/