This is the first in a series of CompTIA Network+ Lab walkthroughs. The purpose of this is to give some practical examples of how you can learn AND implement the tools and topics covered in the Network+ certification. This lab is inspired by the SSH lab (Lab1) in the 101 Labs Comptia Network+ book by Paul Browning. It is a great resource for studying the Network+, you can find it here:

This lab requires the use of Cisco’s Packet Tracer. This is a free tool you can use with a guest account. There are many video on YouTube that cover how to get, download, install it. I would recommend David Bombal’s:

While this lab is specifically used for the Network+, it has applicability to studying topics involved in the Cisco CCNA certification. We go through setting up SSH crypto keys, SSH specific switch/router commands, and setting up your VTY lines to enable SSH access.

So far I have done 10+ Network+ Practical Lab videos, if you’d like to see the rest you can find them here.

Network Knowledge Wrap Up

To download Cisco Packet Tracer:…

101 Labs Network+ Book: