Microsoft has recently been offering free training and a free exam voucher for their Azure Fundamentals (AZ-900) certification. This is a great introduction to understanding cloud technologies as well as the Microsoft Azure service portfolio. I took advantage of this program and I wanted to provide some study material and exam review for those who are also thinking about going after this certification.

In the first video, I wanted to run through some of the knowledge checks that are associated with their self paced training website. I found their knowledge checks to have good coverage of the topics on the exam (although their questions were not similar to the way the exam questions are laid out).

After passing my AZ-900 exam, I did a comprehensive breakdown of the exam, the topics covered, and some study tips. You can find that video here.

Network Knowledge Wrap Up

I hope these resources are useful to you. Microsoft currently has free online training classes/vouchers, so don’t miss out!