In today’s blog I’m talking about how I passed the CompTIA PenTest+ (PT0-002) on my first try. This was my first offensive cybersecurity certification, and I used a combination of written and practical resources. This is an intermediate level certification, DON’T BE HOPPING IN THIS EXAM COLD (if you have no pentesting experience)!!! I was able to take the beta exam for the new version in June, but didn’t get my results until October. CompTIA offers their beta exams for $50, almost a $300 savings! So keep that in mind if you are looking to take CompTIA exams in the future.

I used a variety of resources including a Jason Dion practice test, the TryHackMe PenTest+ learning path, and the PenTest+ study guide and practice tests(*affiliate link*). I also made two videos along the way, one was a practice test walk through and the other was an exam review video after I passed the test. I hope the below two videos are helpful to other folks who are interested improving their offensive security skills!

In the above video, I provided a review of the study content, the layout of the exam, exam objectives and the key areas of focus from my perspective.

The below video is a practice exam walkthrough I recorded with the permission of Jason Dion. The purpose of this was to go through their sample test, and explain why the answers I chose are (or are not) correct. This practice exam is a very solid start for understanding the type of questions/topics that the CompTIA PenTest+ entails.

Network Knowledge Wrap Up

The below resources will give you all you need to succeed in your CompTIA PenTest+ certification studies!

PenTest+ Exam Objectives

PenTest+ Study Guide and Practice Tests(*affiliate link*)

Jason Dion PenTest+ Udemy Course

TryHackMe PenTest+ Learning Path