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I will be announcing the winners on Friday the 10th for the Microsoft Azure @humble giveaway. So, still a lot of time to share with folks who might need it!

@The_Mystery_One was awesome to double the amount of bundles to 4 total!

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You asked for it, here it is🔥 A Port Security 101 breakdown video. I cover what port security is and it's benefits, various configuration options and how to troubleshoot port security events🖥️

#blueteam #labeveryday #cybersecurity

Here are 5 tips to start planning a personal data backup for #WorldBackUpDay. Share your tips in the comments! ☁️

#TipTuesday #Cybersecurity #InfoSec #TechTuesday

With many of us transitioning to remote work due to #CoVid19, Stay Safe Online is offering helpful webinars such as Telework Cybersecurity Best Practices on April 7. Don't miss out and sign up today! 💻

#CyberSecurity #Webinar #InfoSec #MondayMotivation

Enough people want it, so I'll make it. A Port Security 101 video that'll cover everything you need to implement it in your environment👍

Subscribe to the channel so you don't miss once I drop it🔥

#cybersecurity #blueteam #labeverday

If you or someone you know always wanted to learn about #IPv6 but are scared or didn't know where to start, my new video will help you exorcise those fears and walk you through a high level breakdown👍

@TC_Johnson @marcusjcarey @MalwareJake

It's OK if you're afraid of IPV6, most IT folks are!

"There's so many IP's and so few engineers!!!"

In my next video, I'm going to walk you through an exorcism of your #IPv6 demons. Here is a little preview...don't miss out.

#cybersecurity #infosec

Day 3️⃣0️⃣ of #30daysofJuniper

This final Juniper tip is about viewing your configuration to easily understand the commands used🛠️

For ➕ in-depth IT and Cybersecurity topics,

#30DaysofThreads #CCNA #firewall #junos

Mine was later in my career, in the last two months as a matter of fact. I spent most of my career behind the wire. As you can imagine, there's a lot of groupthink there. I wanted to know what else was out there and joined the message boards at @ethicalhacker 1/5

JohnMB | Cyber&Sight on YouTube on Twitter

“Hey @marcusjcarey @hexadecim8 @PyroTek3 @MalwareJake @Djax_Alpha @HackingDave @BadassBowden @marigalloway any cool stories to add to the above ...

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The Essentials of Nessus Essentials

The Essentials of Nessus Essentials

When it comes to vulnerability and compliance scanning, Tenable has established themselves as the king of the hill. With their Nessus vulnerability scanner, you can automate and report on the security health of most devices in your environment. Recently, Tenable...

Real World Lessons From The Cuckoo’s Egg

Real World Lessons From The Cuckoo’s Egg

Those of us in the IT industry are very familiar with the terms honeypots, digital forensics, and hackers. Even the general public has heard the terms given the global coverage on identity theft, election hacking, and rampant ransomware attacks in recent years. Back...