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Day 1️⃣2️⃣of #30daysofJuniper🔥

This Juniper tip is about making sure your VPN traffic doesn't get fragmented🔨

For ➕ in-depth IT and Cybersecurity topics,

#30DaysofThreads #CCNA #InfoSec #Cisco #rootgoat2020

Shoutout to John (@JBizzle703) of @JBC_SEC for hooking me up with his Network+ book and some hilarious stickers he created. Go follow John, he's good people 👍🏾👍🏾 (Link to his stickers is in his bio)

Feeling kind ➕ creative? Make a thoughtful wallpaper for someone with @canva! It's super easy 🎨

#RandomActsOfKindness #WinItWednesday #InfoSec #CyberSecurity

If you ask Arnold Schwarzenegger to update his laptop to Windows, don't be surprised if he says: "...I still love vista baby" 🥁

#RandomActsOfKindnessDay #TuesdayThoughts #InfoSec #CyberSecurity #Kindness

Day 1️⃣1️⃣of #30daysofJuniper🔥

This Juniper tip is about capturing traffic that flows through your device for troubleshooting purposes🔍

For ➕ in-depth IT and Cybersecurity topics,

#30DaysofThreads #CCNA #InfoSec #Cisco #rootgoat2020

🔥Mega Book Giveaway🔥
Want to get this for two folks who might not be able to get it right now. Includes both @TribeOfHackers books!

To win:
☑️Follow @JBizzle703
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#bookgiveaway #CyberSecurity #hacking

Day 🔟of #30daysofJuniper🔥

This Juniper tip is about setting up your device to combine multiple physical interfaces for redundancy🧦

For ➕ in-depth IT and Cybersecurity topics,

#30DaysofThreads #CCNA #InfoSec #Cisco #rootgoat2020

George Washington, spymaster. Our first president and his agents used advanced tools to foil the British and win the Revolutionary War. Today's #cybersecurity threats may be more high-tech, but #CISA stands ready with tools to protect our country.

It's National Random Acts of Kindness Day/Week, and J.B.C. has some IT-related ideas for you to spread some kindness anywhere you go this week! 👍

#RandomActsOfKindnessDay #MondayMotivation #InfoSec #CyberSecurity #MondayThoughts

Day 9️⃣of #30daysofJuniper🔥

This Juniper tip is about how to revert back to previous configurations if you mess up🤬

For ➕ in-depth IT and Cybersecurity topics,

#30DaysofThreads #CCNA #InfoSec #Cisco #rootgoat2020

Oh dear Valentine! Don't play games with my heart 💔

J.B.C. designed this Britney Spears inspired phishing email mug to remind folks not to trust everything online.

Get your ☕ here:…

#HappyValentinesDay  #CyberSecurity #InfoSec #OSINT

This month's @JBC_SEC Newsletter💘
Shared great content from @IntelTechniques on protecting from cyber stalkers, @PaulaCqure interviewing @jaysonstreet at BHEU, @Djax_Alpha on online dating red flags and a great discount on @Cover6Solutions training!

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