If you’ve been following my blog or YouTube content, you know that I love Juniper Networks. You also know that I foolishly created a Juniper Networks Certification Challenge last spring without thinking about how much work it would actually be, haha. I was bored and said I would do all 5 of the Juniper associate certs by the end of the year. I don’t know what I was thinking. In all actuality, it was a great experience! I got to make a bunch of video content to help others successfully go after Juniper certs that aligned with their career goals. In the end, it turned out to be six certifications (I finished the first week of Jan. 2021) and I got to chat with a lot of folks starting down their network engineering career paths.

In today’s video, we’re doing a break down of what I liked, what helped, what I didn’t like, and which certs might make the most sense for you. I’m going to answer a few of the common questions from folks interested in Juniper certs or who were coming from Cisco backgrounds. I’m also going to do a bit of a recap of some stuff we’ve discussed before, how Juniper Networks provides great resources for training, studying, virtual labs, and discounted exam vouchers. These certifications include the JNCIA-Junos (focused on routing and switching), JNCIA-SEC, JNCIA-Cloud, JNCIA-DevOps, JNCIA-MistAI, and JNCDA (focused on design). Check out the video below, and if you’re interested, go check out the practice test walkthroughs and review tip videos I’ve for each of the exams I’ve passed!

Network Knowledge Wrap Up

The below resources from Juniper will give you all you need to succeed in your Juniper associate certification studies!

My Juniper Network Certification Challenge: https://jbcsec.com/juniper-networks-certifications/

My JNCIA-JUNOS Experience: https://jbcsec.com/passed-juniper-jncia-junos/

My JNCIA-SEC Experience: https://jbcsec.com/passed-juniper-jncia-sec/

My JNCDA Experience: https://jbcsec.com/passed-juniper-jncda/

My JNCIA-Cloud Experience: https://jbcsec.com/passed-juniper-jncia-cloud/

My JNCIA-DevOps Experience: https://jbcsec.com/passed-juniper-jncia-devops/

My JNCIA-MistAI Experience: https://jbcsec.com/passed-juniper-jncia-mistai/

Juniper Certification Paths: https://learningportal.juniper.net/ju…

Junos Genius (Free Training and Discounted Exam Certifications Vouchers): https://cloud.contentraven.com/junosg…

Juniper Virtual Labs (FREE and AWESOME!!!): https://jlabs.juniper.net/vlabs/

Mist Masters Training: https://courses.mist.com/